Tree to textile – textile made of cellulose

TreeToTextile, owned by H&M Group, Inter IKEA Group, Stora Enso, and LSCS Invest, now invests €35 million in constructing a demonstration plant in Sweden. It is a critical next step towards commercializing a new sustainable textile fiber, with scalable technology and low manufacturing cost. The aim is to make sustainable textile fibers available to all.

More sustainable and fossil-free materials are needed in the textile industry. TreeToTextile is a company based in Sweden that develops sustainable textile fiber made from cellulose to reduce the textile industry’s environmental footprint. This fiber made from cellulose can be used as an alternative to both cotton and synthetic fibers. With this technology the use of energy, chemicals and water will decrease in comparison to the production of conventional fibers. It also includes a recovery system for the reuse of chemicals and is suited for large-scale production. TreeToTextile is now investing in a demonstration plant, at Stora Enso’s Nymölla mill in southern Sweden, for upscaling the process technology. The plant construction will start during spring 2021.

Our technology has the potential to reduce the environmental footprint of the textile industry significantly. With our owners’ support, innovative agendas, know-how, and size, we assess that TreeToTextile can play an important contributing part globally, in enabling the textile industry to become sustainable and circular, says TreeToTextile’s CEO Sigrid Barnekow.

Editors: Ellen Ranebo & Josefine Karlsson, Broby Grafiska