SAS Sustainable Packaging

Looking to the future, Scandinavian Airlines aims to reach substantial sustainability goals and lessen their carbon impact by 2030. One of the many steps towards more sustainable travel involves minimising waste and the use of fossil fuel plastics through a sustainable packaging solution.

Designed by Scandinavian branding & design agency Bold. The smart and sustainable New Nordic by SAS Cube has been transformed with a design that minimises the use of oil-based plastic, saving up to 51 tons of plastic per year. The former inside plastic container has been replaced by an FSC-approved paper with a plastic coating and a plastic lid made from organic plant-based plastic. Not only that, the lightweight packaging will lessen the onboard mass balancing the carbon impact; an important contributing factor to sustainable travel.

“For the packaging design concept, we’ve taken the proud wordmark as a starting point: by zooming in on typographic details, we create intriguing crops that can be applied to the packaging. These crops can be recombined in many surprising ways, just like the food ingredients chefs have selected for the onboard menus. The design elements developed for SAS are inspired by how chefs work with food. Choosing the best parts of each raw material and allowing them to interact. The packaging material used is natural craft paper, with embossed stamps that signify different dishes and graphic shapes to distinguish menu items and condiments.”