PulPac is a production method that dry-molds wood pulp (cellulose) into almost any shape or appearance in less than a second. The fast production speed makes the method very cost effective, as opposed to existing papermaking methods.

Single-use plastics and packaging is in the global spotlight. The packaging industry and brand owners are facing a huge shift, driven by both consumer and regulatory demands. So far, producing sustainable packaging has been too expensive for change to happen on a global scale.

PulPac is the world’s first patented method that can replace single use plastic at a lower cost on a global scale. The material, renewable, recyclable and biodegradable generic pulp from cellulose, makes it sustainable. A PulPac product can be cellulose only, which will dissolve in water within minutes. It can also be modified to hold moisture or liquids or to be strong and protect heavy and complex products. The main principle however, is to design for purpose. A PulPac product should last its use and then break down, regardless of where it ends up.

The PulPac technology is developed and patented by PulPac AB, a Swedish R&D and IP Company established in 2018. To reach out on a global scale, the PulPac technology is offered to brand owners and converters on a licensing basis. The aim is to disrupt the packaging industry and make impact at scale in reducing single-use plastics and contribute to a sustainable future for people and planet.