Youthforia – A Gen-Z Beauty Brand

Youthforia is a US-based clean beauty brand targeting Gen Z with the mission to make makeup more playful. They want makeup to be fun, environmentally friendly and good for your skin. With its purposefully messy, uncurated and raw design Youthforia takes you right back to the 90s.

Sydney-based design studio Universal Favourite launched a new branding for US beauty brand Youthforia, whose mission is to make makeup more playful. To appeal to a Gen Z market, bored by the minimal aesthetic approach, Universal Favourite created a maximalist identity that is purposefully messy, uncurated and raw. Given the Gen Z direction of the brand, nailing the digital experience was key. The website, as well as all social media assets, need to both work together seamlessly and allow for flexibility to showcase a brand that’s constantly moving, evolving and flexing — much like its audience. To reflect the brand’s intention to let you flex your self-expression, Youthforia works with energetic shapes and stickers rolled out across packaging, product and digital touchpoints. The brand’s premise of having fun and playing around extends to its packaging. Each item comes in different colours, with different holders to choose from. “The magnetic pans designed into the suite allow users to click, combine, stack and arrange their Youthforia makeup to suit their mood — an idea also reflected in the logo. They can mix and match their product arrangements based on however they’re feeling that day” says Dari Israelstam, Founder & Creative Director at Universal Favourite.