DAC – Designers Against Coronavirus

In these difficult times it has been amazing to see the participation of people in the creative industries. Many have created illustrations, graphics and moving images to inform, express solidarity and spread hope. Italian CaroselloLab wanted to make sure this work doesn’t get lost. In the last days they have therefore been fully committed in the creation and launch of DAC – Designers Against Coronavirus.

DAC is a digital archive curated by Milan-based CaroselloLab which presents the current circumstances in the eyes of designers, illustrators, and creatives from around the world. In contradiction to the fear and distrust spreading by the Covid-19, DAC aims to inspire communication, sharing and giving visibility to works that unite people through beauty and creativity. The project began on March the 25th and will be officially launched throughout the website and social media by April the 3rd. The archive will feature the best Coronavirus-related artworks, including credits and links to the creators. Moreover, DAC will feature a link to donate funds to trustworthy international partners.
By Kristina de Verdier On 30 March, 2020