Wooden Wine Kitchen

Spanish couple Sergio Carratala and Petz Scholtus who live in Barcelona have made these kitchen cabinets from wooden wine crates and told the world how others can do them too.

Prefer wine in Glass bottles

A newly released survey from the University of Oklahoma finds that more than 98% of consumers (in the US) prefer to drink wine served out of glass bottles. They think glass keeps the taste and is also the most appealing. See the Survey here. Nearly 75% of the respondents (72.3%) believe glass is the best packaging material for…

Wine in PET?

Boisset introduces Fog Mountain Merlot in a 1-L PET bottle. I recommend you to read through the article on Greener Package. You will see some statements about sustainability, which as always will give you different answers depending on who you ask. Boisset in this case, claims that the PET bottles have a smaller carbon footprint…

Matsu Wine

Matsu, an organic winery from the Toro D.O. Spanish Moruba is the design agency behind it.

Japanese Packaging

Rewarded in the Pentawards 2008, Suntory´s wine package. An easy-peel label. When searching more on Japanese Packaging I found this interesting report from 2007. MANY different initiatives on eco-friendly packaging, including new technologies. Read more on Research and Markets site.

Wine Packaging

  Tresdon, made of the design firm Icon Packaging. A wine package that transforms from in-store display to carry home packaging to reusable wine rack. In most cases today, wine is shipped in boxes with loads of styrofoam pellets as protection for the bottles. Whereas this package is useful for distribution and also from a consumer’s perspective. I don’t know about the…