London entrepreneur Joe Revell of startup Garçon Wines has designed a plastic Bordeaux-style bottle that’s flattened like a flask so it can fit through an English letterbox for easy delivery to consumers. Garçon Wine club is a subscription service, offering people who want to try different types of wine, convenient home-delivery. Using a heavy duty, glass-like plastic, Garçon Wine club…

Paper Wine Bottle

Paperboy, a wine bottle made out of compressed recycled paper. “Paperboy is about as green as it’s possible to make a wine bottle. It’s made out of a compressed recycled paper, printed with natural inks and the inside contains a recyclable sleeve like you find in a box of wine.  The bottles are rigid and strong…

Blossa 2013

  Every year the Swedish brand Blossa releases a limited edition mulled wine. This year the flavour of the wine is not presented on the bottle. Instead the consumer shall use his/her own experience to interpret the flavours. You can see typical design elements from the province Dalecarlia in Sweden. Cucurbits pattern, the traditional red falu-colour. With this concept Blossa returns to its…

Reusable ceramic wine bottle

    A reusable ceramic bottle keeping the wine cold even in warm weather, from Mer Soleil. “In 1988 our family planted grapes in the Santa Lucia Highlands appellation of Monterey County because we believed it would provide the best growing conditions in California for Chardonnay. We started making Mer Soleil, a barrel fermented Chardonnay in…

Etched Wine bottle

Etched bottle packaging design for Darioush Winery.

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Siete Pasos Wine

It’s always refreshing when someone chooses to create a contemporary look on a wine label, instead of the safe track with a traditional look. “Each wine is identified with a different character. The Pledge” and “The Figure” (Foster and Young respectively DoCa . Rioja)” Designed by  (calcco) Comunicación Visual

Fair & Square

Fair & Square, a fairtrade wine range in lightweight, 100% recyclable, carton packaging (Tetra Prisma Aseptic). From La Riojana, one of the largest and most successful co-operatives in Argentina and the world’s largest producer of certified Fairtrade organic wine.

Cantamanyanes hand painted bottles

Dsigned by Enserio. “Cantamanyanes is a handcrafted wine in the Tivissa lands, made without intermediaries or distributors, from the earth to the table. A limited edition of 600 hand-painted bottles.”

Amaltea Biodynamic Wine

  The biodynamic Amaltea wine. “Within the practice of biodynamic farming, Loxarel integrates herds of goats in controlling weeds in the vineyard. Amaltea, represented by the goat nymph who nursed the god Zeus, according to Greek mythology associated with fertile land and abundance. The concepts of the goat, the horn (the main element of the…

Wine Bottle Chandelier

Wine bottle chandelier by Chris Weylandt. He designed a tasting rooms at his winery, located outside Cape Town and decided to have a bit of fun with the lighting.  Via Sara Ohlgren.

Hello Wine Lovers

Package designed by Sturm & Drang. The interest of wine is constantly growing in Sweden. SEA Glasbruk has produced a wine glass collection called ”Bubblan” in collaboration with the wine expert Bengt Frithiofsson and industrial designer Bengt Ek. The glass is tailor-made to enhance the smell and taste of the wine. The package is simplistic with its…

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Wine in light weight Tetra Pak cartons, nicely executed with a sticker which adds a more eventful opening. Conceptual design for Sirromet, via Behance

Wine Glass Redefined

The Italian design collective Gumdesign question the traditional way of forming/using a wine glass. Handmade by Colle Vilca

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Hibernalis is a packaging concept for icewine made by student Stéphanie Malak at Sylvain Allard’s packaging course. The protective secondary package is made of raw paper pulp.

Wine Package/Rack

  Athanasios Babalis’ amazing wine package which can be converted to a wine rack.

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