Designed by Unelefante, Mexico. “Before founding Unelefante, I designed and produced jewelry and other fashion accessories for over ten years, so I know for sure a few things. Most people are not willing to take risks when buying a product, specially if it’s a gift, so, why not turn an ordinary something into a very…

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Marou Chocolate Treasure

Nice chocolate packaging, designed by Rice Creative, Vietnam. “Marou Chocolate hand selected the finest cacao beans grown on small family-owned farms on the remote island of Tan Phu Dong (Đảo Kho Báu), stretching from the two northernmost arms of the Mekong Delta all the way into the sea. This is a truly the rarest of…

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Tosi Superbites

Packaging design for Tosi Superbites, organic, gluten-free snacks by Tosi Health based in California. Available in both cashew and almond varieties, each bar has just six ingredients, including golden flaxseed, white sesame seeds and chia seeds, and are flavored with sea salt and evaporated cane juice. Via Coolhunting

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Panettone and Pandoro from Milan

We are getting closer to Christmas. And the stores in Italy, and to some extend around the world, are being filled with the symbolic Christmas cakes, Panettone and Pandoro. Panettone is a type of sweet bread loaf originally from Milan. Pandoro (Pan d’oro – golden bread) is similar to Panettone, but contains no fruit. Here is nice classic…

Simply Chocolate from Copenhagen

Simply Chocolate is based in Copenhagen. “Up here it’s too cold to grow cocoa beans. But it´s hot enough to have a love affair with great chocolate. Copenhagen is a very old city with a highly vibrating pulse and plenty of room to nurture a new kind of chocolate. Since we began in 2011, a lot…

Joe & Seph’s Gourmet Popcorn

Gourmet popcorn designed by Designers Anonymous. “Joseph Sopher began developing his own gourmet popcorn after identifying a gap in the luxury confectionery market. In taste tests against other brands, Joseph’s came out on top. However, competitive brands had a credible brand image – a key differentiator that Joseph lacked. We needed to create a powerful identity…

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La Michoacana

Designed by Parallel from Mexico. “La Michoacana is a traditional Mexican “paleteria” wich has been in the market for a long time now. During this period, the brand has suffered a constant changing on its corporate identity caused by the non attendance to its marketing, leading to a misunderstanding of the brands core. We decided…

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Stockholm Confectionery Factory

          Stockholm Confectionery Factory, founded around 100 years ago, still going strong and also exporting the sweets to countries around Europe. Beautiful old photos as the foundation of the design, on clean metal cans.

La Strada

La Strada premium ice cream “Our brand mission: evolve from eating ice cream to wearing the ice cream packs on the street. We created the first prêt-a-porter gelato meant to turn the sidewalk into a catwalk and the product into a fashion icon. Our range becomes a unique street fashion collection with multiple fabric patterns…

Valerie Confections

Developed in collaboration with Commune Design and handmade by Valerie Confections. The packaging, a simple cardboard box, grew from the idea of the chocolates as actual tiles. Fortuitously, the box selected holds 49 pieces of the chocolate, the result of squaring a prime number, 7. It seemed fitting, as the collaboration is the result of…

Chocolate Concepts

One of my favorite design firms. The 5.5 designers always make surprising pieces. A project with Barcelona’s Chocolate Factory generated these ideas. The Gâteau, a chocolate “cake” for every taste: each section of the cake-shaped chocolate is a different flavour. Only three molds are used for the production, but flavours can be mixed and matched in…

Prestat Handmade Chocolate

Prestat Chocolate has made this collection called Choxi+ which according to them is a 100% natural chocolate that, because of its careful processing, should be part of a healthy and balanced diet. Rich in antioxidants, it helps maintain healthy blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Comes in neat carton packages.

Jesse Kirsch Packaging Design

Jesse Kirsch is a graphic designer working in New York City specializing in packaging.

Haas Chocolate Packaging

Isn’t it lovely, from Thomas Haas

Relanghe – Torrone

I love the idea of removing material instead of adding. Like Italian Relanghe has made with the text on this package. Especially nice on the yellow package whit dark chocolate facing the front, gives a clear contrast. It’s all made of paper, with a nice, natural textured surface.