Bring Your Own Tea

Recently launched – BYOT (Bring your own tea) from Sanctuary. A convenient portable pouch filled with loose leaf tea and 10 biodegradable steeping bags for all your on-the-go tea drinking needs. “Forget about crushed tea leaves in tea bags, we’re sipping the goodness of whole loose leaf! And when the hustle and bustle of life gets…

London Bio Packaging

London Bio Packaging supplies biodegradable or recycled packaging and eco cleaning products to the food and catering industry. Good website, not so common in this industry.

Cheese Paper

If you treat your cheese well it will last longer in the fridge. In Italy, where I live, this is how you get your cheese, but I imagine that is not the case everywhere. It’s a nicer presentation and more sustainable way of storing the lovely cheese. See more at Formaticum

    Good read about tendencies in the society. Trendwatching’s interpretation what’s going to happen during 2010. Trend number 6 is called “Eco-Easy” and means that if the world should manage to reach some meaningful sustainability goals this year, corporations and governments will have to forcefully make it ‘easy’ for consumers to be more green, by restricting the alternatives….

Sustainable Packaging Course

The Essentials of Sustainable Packaging is a course lead by Sustainable Packaging Coalition. It´s designed for packaging professionals seeking a deeper understanding of sustainability and how sustainability criteria can be effectively integrated into the packaging development process to enhance the lives of people, lower environmental impact and reduce costs. It´s structured around the SPC’s “Definition of…

Newsweek’s Top 500 Sustainable Companies

Newsweek released its 2009 Green Rankings this week, rating the 500 largest U.S. companies on the sustainability of their practices. 4 of the top 5 slots were given to technology companies. 1. Hewlett-Packard, 2. Dell, 3. Johnson & Johnson, 4. Intel, 5. IBM. View the entire list here

Paper Tubes

  Chicago paper tube is making recyclable and biodegradable paper tubes shaped into containers for cosmetic, fragrance, candle and gourmet-food packaging. A good alternative to plastic packaging.

GreenOps – Engage Consumers

The GreenOps Tracking System, allows for better consumer engagement in the recycling process. The GreenOps Symbol is placed on the packaging and a scanning technology is used to directly engage people through a registration process. Each time you recycle using the GreenOps Tracking Station, you receive a receipt indicating the number of items recycled and a deposit statement with…

Green Competition

The theme of design for iida 2009 is Green Design and Daily Life. They invite green design imagination that embodies harmonious co-existence of humans and nature. “A green design should imply aesthetic, ethical, social and economic effects” So submit your green and great ideas before August 25th!

Green Graphic Design

Graphic Design, how much does it affect the environment? Can we make a difference with it? Here is a book where you find good tips where to start. Green Graphic Design – by Brian Dougherty – re-frames the way designers can think about the work they create, while remaining focused on cost constraints and corporate identity….

Prefer wine in Glass bottles

A newly released survey from the University of Oklahoma finds that more than 98% of consumers (in the US) prefer to drink wine served out of glass bottles. They think glass keeps the taste and is also the most appealing. See the Survey here. Nearly 75% of the respondents (72.3%) believe glass is the best packaging material for…

50 ways to F**k the planet

Today you get advices everywhere how to go green. Authors Mark Townsend and David Glick were tired of all books and web sites telling people how to live, preaching to us. So they decided to do the exact opposite: How NOT to go green, in an ironic way. The message is still the same, you learn in which ways we ARE…

Seabags – Recycled sails

Seabags – Nice tote bags out of recycled sails…which makes them durable, water resistant and washing machine friendly.

Keep Cup?

You don’t really get a desire for coffee when you see this mug. But it’s more the discussion which is interesting than the design itself. KeepCup is made from the safe food grade plastic Polypropylene 5, free from BPA and phthalates. Instead of throwing cup after cup, you re-use it. Disposable paper cups are not really recyclable. They are often made from a composite…

Grow your own

From Adam Paterson and Santi Tonsukha – students of the Royal College of Art have made ‘GrowYourOwn’ – Fruit and vegetable seeds for novice gardeners. Simple and Well designed graphic printed on sustainable materials.