Olivae Olive Oil

Olive oil packaging designed by student Kenny Maicon Barcelos, Brazil. Via Packaging of the World

Think Global Eat Local

Katharina Kobsev is a student from Germany. Her bachelor thesis was to create a concept around food culture and sustainability. “”Think Global-Eat Local” is a collection of food and beverages with the focus on environmental protection. The aim of the bachelor thesis was was to bring awareness to this issue of food culture and the sustainability. The preferred purchase…

Happy Eggs – Student Work

The Happy Eggs packaging for organic eggs. Designed by Maja Szczypek, a student based in Warsaw, Poland. The packaging design is supposed to make the customer feel that what they have before them is 100% natural. It promotes the use of organic materials and sustainability in production. Maja explains “The hay drawpiece is cheap and easy in…

Smakshonning – Student Work

  Designed by Marius Sunde, Morten Johansen & Ida Dølplads, Westerdals School of Communication, Oslo. “Smakshonning is a new range of honey with added flavor (hazelnut, raspberry and thyme) from Honningcentralen, Norway’s leading honey producer. The idea was to create a chemistry inspired bottle, to emphasize the applicability of honey within gastronomy. In addition to…

Ipswich Beer Packaging

” For our final project in Persuasive Graphics, we had to create a drink company. Me and my group of 4 others (James Utley, Keith Jernigan, Aubrie Barrnett and Zack Gulliani) decided on Ipswich Brewing Co. We got a lot of inspiration from football emblems that are used on jerseys across the pond and vintage…

Insect Collector Kit

  Designed by Jessie Usié, student at Savannah College of Art and Design. “The idea was to create a line for insect collectors and entomologist enthusiast. Inspired by 19th century typography, she mixed natural products with man-made elements. The line includes 15 pieces essential for beginners or intermediate collectors to get started with”

Rice Packaging

Conceptual rice packaging developed by Homer Mendoza in Sylvain Allard’s packaging course at École de design. Fair trade Rice is offered in recycled cardboard tubes. Have a look, more concepts on this blog