Sechzisch & Vierzisch

“‘Sechzisch Vierzisch’ takes the classic ‘Persching’ drink from Germany’s Rheinhessen region and turns it into a hip and lovingly crafted mixed wine beverage. To folks in Mainz, the name on the bottle says it all: a blend of sixty (sechzisch) percent rosé wine and forty (vierzisch) percent orange soda produces a peach-hued drink (hence the Rhenish…

Coke Sharing Can

You have probably seen the Coke bottles where the iconic logo is swapped with names, to invite people sharing the drink (and spread the message virally). Coca-Cola marketing has long centered around various ways of sharing.  Here is yet another twist on the theme. A temporary campaign; a regular-size Coke that twists apart into two small cans…

Luscombe Drinks

    Drinks from Luscombe. Based on a farm in Devon where they have been making the drinks since 1975.

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