By Italian Designer Max Casaroli. “Arabesque evokes elegance and decoration; from the brand to the product packaging, the idea is to represent a delicate and sinuous environment where Arabesque is the main actor playing.”

Carbon Boutique

El Designo made brand identity for the concept store Carbon Boutique. The store is named Carbon to show a sense of community. Carbon is the one element on the periodic table that is responsible for all organic life. Everything is linked by this one element: people, trees, the planet. The store is a place for people…

No thanks to the plastic bag

Next time you are shopping, tell the cashier you don´t need the plastic bag. It´s easy!

Baggu Bags

    Baggu Bag. A whole bunch of simple and good-looking bags here. The first one is a re-usable bag which has the same design as a standard plastic bag, but holds the content of 2-3 grocery bags. You also have the net bag for veggies, which keeps your green stuff fresh. Last the duck bag…

Reusable Bag by Claesson Koivisto Rune

Claesson Koivisto Rune are the designers behind this reusable shopping bag. The non-profit organisation Stockholm City Mission, receives 16 tonnes every year of donated fabrics and clothing that are not suitable to be sold. So this material – together with same structural design as current plastic bags – creates this new, green alternative to the plastic bag.

60 Bag – Biodegrades in 60 days

60Bag – Biodegrades in 60 days. The bag is made of flax-viscose non-woven fabric and was developed and manufactured in Poland. The flax-Viscose fabric is produced with flax fiber industrial waste, which means it doesn’t exploit any natural resources and requires minimal energy during its production. In January this year 60Bag was honoured with the Green Dot…

Material Invention – applied on reusable bag

The Lisbon-based design studio Krv Kurva has made this reusable bag. Shaped like a teardrop and with a whole bunch of different nice graphics. The bag is constructed from Dupont’s material called Tyvek (water, radioactive, and bio-hazard resistant). Thinner than one millimeter and weighing less than 40 grams, this bag is able to hold up to 55kg easily,…

Paper Bags

Stefan Diez is the designer behind this amazing paper folding work. Light-weighted bags.

Eco Shopping Bag

Ecolect is a site for green material innovation. Among the news you find Envi PC 50 Shopping Bag, which is designed for luxury retailers seeking to improve the eco-profile of their packaging. The material contains 50% post consumer recycled fiber and 50% FSC fiber. The FSC label means the paper is made only with virgin…

A bag is not just a bag

2 different bag collections made by Camille Rousseau. She is transforming the standard shopping bags into something beautiful and communicative, using them to tell a story. The two bags on the top are for EDF Energy, a sustainable energy company. The second concept is called Transition. She explains the project: “Dealing with the preconception of this consumer icon, I took…