Gazpacho Andaluz

Gazpacho Andaluz by Come Home is a very nice food concept, with a beautiful retail packaging solution.

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Corn Beer Package designed by Gabriel Germain. Via Packaging UQAM  

LägereBräu Box

          Secondary package designed  for the Swiss brewery LägereBräu. Made by Oliver Wehn, Thomas Lehner and Jacob Kadrmas.  “The print substrate is a cartonboard named Frövi Carry that is commonly used for packaging solutions like this one. We decided to turn the coated white side to the inside to reveal the original…


Hibernalis is a packaging concept for icewine made by student Stéphanie Malak at Sylvain Allard’s packaging course. The protective secondary package is made of raw paper pulp.

Be sustainable – Look sustainable

What is this? Looks like styrofoam, right? But it is 100% biodegradable cornstarch chips. Water soluble, compostable, yet with same properties as traditional packaging chips. It’s great to replace styrofoam with biodegradable material. But here comes the problem; the perception! Normal people will never notice the difference. When developing environmentally friendly packaging there are two…

Packaging Design Competition

Mondi Tire Kutsan invites undergraduate creative students to Kutu Kutu Project Design Competition with a concept of ‘Shelf Ready Packaging’. The aim is to combine design & innovation with corrugated packaging, identifying new, aesthetic, functional and environmentally friendly ideas to our daily lives. Undergraduate students at the Universities of Fine Arts, Architecture and Design in…

Beer Packaging from Israel

Blend It from Israel made branding and design for the Golan Brewery. In the first picture you see a clever secondary package which looks like they made of one piece cardboard. Here is the story about the project “The Golan Brewery was launched as a joint venture by the Ohayon family and the Golan Heights…