Chilly’s Bottles

Are we ready to change our habits, and reuse one really good bottle, instead of throwing away tons of plastic? The Chilly’s Bottle is a reusable bottle that can keep your water ice cold for up to 24 hours. Chilly’s mission is to accelerate the adoption and everyday use of reusable products. They aim to do this through…

Sigg by Brunner Mettler

The industrial designers Thilo Brunner and  Joerg Mettler (Brunner Mettler), were asked to create a thermos-version of the iconic Sigg bottle. In an article in Frame, Brunner explains “It’s a family of sturdy thermoses, they belong to a category of physical products that won’t be replaced by immaterial ones: products used for food and drinks. They look very…

Re-used jars

Re-used jars, via La Factoria Plastica. Make your own, or buy here. Thanks Chantal Harb for spotting it

Ceramic Packaging

      Ceramica Meridiano makes ceramic packaging made of clay; a natural material, abundant and non-polluting. In addition air emissions during its manufacture follow the current legislation. They also have a variety of locking systems available. For exclusive cheese, butter or other tasty products. Ideally this package is being reused – and as opposed to many other 2nd life products…

Wine Package/Rack

  Athanasios Babalis’ amazing wine package which can be converted to a wine rack.

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Wonderful! After the first commercial application, the box can be turned on itself and thus be reused, by Sabrina Digregorio studio H-57 via Packaging UQAM

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Plastic Bottle Sail boat

It took four months to sail a boat made of discarded plastic bottles from San Francisco to Australia. The catamaran was built with 12,500 recycled plastic bottles and a fully recyclable plastic material called Seretex and held together with organic glue made from cashew-nut husks and sugarcane. The bottles were packed into the Plastiki’s pontoons…