Malko – Less is future

“Less  is  future”  is  the  slogan  with  which  Malko  talks  to  the  world:  the fight  against  waste is  one  of  the  challenges  of  the  third  millennium.  It  must  be  won  by  changing daily habits. Malko  is  an  Italian  product  design  brand  that  was  born  to  inspire  an  eco-­friendly  lifestyle.  Its  mission  is  the  reduction  of  the  disposable…

Starbucks introduces $1 reusable cups

      In an effort to increase customer adoption of reusable cups, Starbucks is rolling out a $1 reusable plastic cup at its cafes starting Thursday. The plastic cups will be roughly the same size and appearance as the company’s paper cups. Starbucks will give a 10 cents discount to customers using the cups, so the…

Olive Oil Jar

From Dan & Deluca “This high-quality oil is obtained exclusively from prestigious Coratina olives, which are classically cold-pressed using granite grindstones and state-of-the-art processing equipment. Part of the Orci collection, it comes in a traditional Puglian jar, made by the expert hands of skilled master ceramists and covered with rainbow stripes”

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Reusable Sandwich bags

For your on-the-go lunches, sandwich bags and bamboo cutlery. The cutlery is made of resuable, sustainable bamboo. The set is burnished, which means that the bamboo was steamed to make it more durable and create a beautiful caramel color. Handwash your utensils with warm soapy water. Reusable bags for the snacks/sandwich as well as a bag…

Baggu Bags

    Baggu Bag. A whole bunch of simple and good-looking bags here. The first one is a re-usable bag which has the same design as a standard plastic bag, but holds the content of 2-3 grocery bags. You also have the net bag for veggies, which keeps your green stuff fresh. Last the duck bag…

The GreenCup Mug

Two young Swedish guys – Gustav Nisser Henrik Lindholm –  have created this idea and just got ranked on Shortcut’s annual entrepreneur list “Uppstickarna” – for inspirational people below 36. The GreenCup is the alternative to disposable cups; a reusable mug that gets you discounts while at the same time reducing energy usage, wasted resources and litterin. Here is…

Tap Water

Tap Water – What I like with this initiative is what it communicates – “People – Use tap water”. Buying one bottle is enough and then you can have it for in home usage. Good looking bottle for the dinner table

Snack Pack

Fresh Snack Pack – Reusable and made from PVC-free, non-toxic plastic.

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Reusable Bag by Claesson Koivisto Rune

Claesson Koivisto Rune are the designers behind this reusable shopping bag. The non-profit organisation Stockholm City Mission, receives 16 tonnes every year of donated fabrics and clothing that are not suitable to be sold. So this material – together with same structural design as current plastic bags – creates this new, green alternative to the plastic bag.

Material Invention – applied on reusable bag

The Lisbon-based design studio Krv Kurva has made this reusable bag. Shaped like a teardrop and with a whole bunch of different nice graphics. The bag is constructed from Dupont’s material called Tyvek (water, radioactive, and bio-hazard resistant). Thinner than one millimeter and weighing less than 40 grams, this bag is able to hold up to 55kg easily,…