Tea Time Rocks

Dilmah Tea by Manic Design from Singapore      

Løv Organic Tea

French Løv Organic inspired of the scandinavian nature, offers a selection of organic whole-leaf teas in subtle and simply elegant flavours. The cotton muslin tea bags, unbleached and free of staples or glue, allow the tea leaves to unfurl and release all of their aromas. All of the cardboard packing has the FSC label meaning that…


  A store which makes it easier for the consumer to do the right thing and reduce packaging material. The concept is simple: bring your own containers and fill them with the products you’d like. Unpackaged is the store in London questioning disposable consumer packaging. Reason: cost, waste and pollution.

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Thoughts for food

  Instead of throwing your marmelade jars after usage, these tops will give them a second life. Jorre Van Ast is one of the designers for the interesting company RoyalVkb and the creator of this invention. Each top adds some sort of function to the jar. It’s made of PP and they come in different sizes to…