The Chia Pod

  The Chia Co has released a range of Chia Pods made of sun-ripened chia seeds, coconut milk and real fruit. Available in vanilla bean cinnamon, mango, blueberry and banana flavours. The Chia Pods are dairy- and gluten-free and provide 100% of the omega-3 RDA. The pods are distributed in plastic packaging where the lid, cup…

GreenOps – Engage Consumers

The GreenOps Tracking System, allows for better consumer engagement in the recycling process. The GreenOps Symbol is placed on the packaging and a scanning technology is used to directly engage people through a registration process. Each time you recycle using the GreenOps Tracking Station, you receive a receipt indicating the number of items recycled and a deposit statement with…

Seabags – Recycled sails

Seabags – Nice tote bags out of recycled sails…which makes them durable, water resistant and washing machine friendly.

Supersize your eco-conscience

Superfry. Greece is for lovers created a paper recycling bin for Hartovasilion (Translated as Paper Kingdom).

Tesco – unwanted packaging back to the store

Tesco has initiated a program which will allow people to leave unwanted packaging at the store. The program will run for six weeks in a few selected stores around UK. The intention is to find out which kinds of packaging people find unnecessary and useless. Tesco points out that this is a pilot test – a consumer test to get their feedback and use that…