Paris Design Pack Gallery

    The Design Pack Gallery, a museum based in Paris. Exposing different kinds of packaging, all genres. Shown here is part of their 100% recycle, products made of recycled products. For instance they have lamps made of plastic bottles, wallets made of Carton Packages, jewlery made of caps, yes – a whole bunch of nice things.  They will also present the…

Seabags – Recycled sails

Seabags – Nice tote bags out of recycled sails…which makes them durable, water resistant and washing machine friendly.

Keep Cup?

You don’t really get a desire for coffee when you see this mug. But it’s more the discussion which is interesting than the design itself. KeepCup is made from the safe food grade plastic Polypropylene 5, free from BPA and phthalates. Instead of throwing cup after cup, you re-use it. Disposable paper cups are not really recyclable. They are often made from a composite…

Gimme 5

Check out this initiative. Gimme 5 is a program to promote recycling of #5 plastics like yogurt cups and other food containers. Products packaged in #5 plastic are sold widely, but #5 is not recycled in many communities. So instead of being sent to landfills it may be transformed into new products.