Valerie Confections

Developed in collaboration with Commune Design and handmade by Valerie Confections. The packaging, a simple cardboard box, grew from the idea of the chocolates as actual tiles. Fortuitously, the box selected holds 49 pieces of the chocolate, the result of squaring a prime number, 7. It seemed fitting, as the collaboration is the result of…

Universal Packaging System

A flat sheets of recyclable corrugated cardboard. The patterns make it easy to fold and conform to almost any shape while maintaining structural rigidity and protecting the contents. Clever! See more here

Coffee Cup Contest

58 billion paper coffee cups are thrown away, unrecycled, each year. The BetaCup Challenge – is asking designers to invent a mean to dramatically reduce the wastage resulting from unrecyclable paper coffee cups. Here are two of the ideas; Coffee to grow and 100% recyclable Une Coffee Cup. See more of the most promising ideas here

Paper Tubes

  Chicago paper tube is making recyclable and biodegradable paper tubes shaped into containers for cosmetic, fragrance, candle and gourmet-food packaging. A good alternative to plastic packaging.

Prefer wine in Glass bottles

A newly released survey from the University of Oklahoma finds that more than 98% of consumers (in the US) prefer to drink wine served out of glass bottles. They think glass keeps the taste and is also the most appealing. See the Survey here. Nearly 75% of the respondents (72.3%) believe glass is the best packaging material for…