The GreenCup Mug

Two young Swedish guys – Gustav Nisser Henrik Lindholm –  have created this idea and just got ranked on Shortcut’s annual entrepreneur list “Uppstickarna” – for inspirational people below 36. The GreenCup is the alternative to disposable cups; a reusable mug that gets you discounts while at the same time reducing energy usage, wasted resources and litterin. Here is…

Waste transformed into Art

Stuart Haygarth has collected waste that is being washed up on parts of Kent coastline. With this waste he has produced several objects. This chandelier is one of them and is mainly made of plastic objects. It’s incredible how much waste there is along the world’s coastlines, and amazing how Stuart managed to do something…

Tap Water

Tap Water – What I like with this initiative is what it communicates – “People – Use tap water”. Buying one bottle is enough and then you can have it for in home usage. Good looking bottle for the dinner table

Snack Pack

Fresh Snack Pack – Reusable and made from PVC-free, non-toxic plastic.

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Reusable Bag by Claesson Koivisto Rune

Claesson Koivisto Rune are the designers behind this reusable shopping bag. The non-profit organisation Stockholm City Mission, receives 16 tonnes every year of donated fabrics and clothing that are not suitable to be sold. So this material – together with same structural design as current plastic bags – creates this new, green alternative to the plastic bag.

Kusmi Tea

  This is not just tea. This is an experience. It’s not possible to pick a traditional tea bag if this package is present on the table. Kusmi has it’s headquarter in Paris. The company which produces Russian-style teas, was established by Pavel Michailovitch Kousmichoff, 1867 in St Petersburg, Russia. The company blends teas from China, India,…

CleanWell gives package 2nd life

CleanWell designed a soap bottle together with Ideo where one of the design features is a label which is easily removed. And through that give consumers the possibility to re-use the package. Some words about the development from CleanWell: “The bottle treatment was inspired by a human-centric approach to design and development. In fact, the concept for the packaging came…

Veggie Bag for your fridge

Keep your mushrooms and other vegetables fresh in the fridge. The re-usable bag is made by the Boston based brand Bruno Super Deluxe. Couple of months ago somebody told me to put a piece of bread in the fridge. It will absorb any bad smell. I forgot to tell my family about it and they got more and…

Wine Packaging

  Tresdon, made of the design firm Icon Packaging. A wine package that transforms from in-store display to carry home packaging to reusable wine rack. In most cases today, wine is shipped in boxes with loads of styrofoam pellets as protection for the bottles. Whereas this package is useful for distribution and also from a consumer’s perspective. I don’t know about the…

CAPtivate – recycled bottles transformed into a lamp

Composed entirely from damaged PET bottles and combined with found caps in matching colors. This was shown for [re]design’s project “Lighten-Up”, exhibited 18-26 September as part of the 100% Design event in London. Lula Dot is the design studio behind it.

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  A store which makes it easier for the consumer to do the right thing and reduce packaging material. The concept is simple: bring your own containers and fill them with the products you’d like. Unpackaged is the store in London questioning disposable consumer packaging. Reason: cost, waste and pollution.

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We Love Jam

  The California based We love jam’s handmade apricot in a jar, sauces and other treats. You can buy them online and get them delivered to the door. 2002 they started to produce apricot jam in limites quantities from one very old tree, for family and friends. Very popular, so the selection expanded quickly to…

Thoughts for food

  Instead of throwing your marmelade jars after usage, these tops will give them a second life. Jorre Van Ast is one of the designers for the interesting company RoyalVkb and the creator of this invention. Each top adds some sort of function to the jar. It’s made of PP and they come in different sizes to…