Paper craft with love

Fantastic paper craft by Kim Walltin, packaging designer based in Malmö, Sweden. “I have been inspired and delighted by paper since when I studied Product Development and Design, where my thesis was a disposable snuff cup in just paper, aimed at restaurants. When transforming a one-dimensional sheet of paper to obtain a three-dimensional gut tingling…

Landor about packaging

Landor Associates publishes a packaging trends forecast. 5 areas they foresee will be further discovered and focused on, in 2014. “Trends in packaging are demonstrating slow but steady innovation that keeps customers engaged and excited. Green packaging in particular is coming of age, evolving to add perks well beyond efficiency and waste reduction.” Read the 5 areas below and the full…

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Anonymous Water

Lovely way to encourage the usage of tap water. Designed by Designers Anonymous. “We designed refillable water bottles for use during meetings held in our studio. Our bottles feature a simple silhouette of a boat (in-keeping with our brand styling) the boat was a natural fit for a water bottle. On the still water bottle It’s anchored…

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Milano Expo 2015

“Life is a recycled paper-made water container designed for Milano Expo 2015. Despite recycling initiatives, there are still tons of plastic bottles being thrown into landfills. Life is a product designed to dissuade people from using plastic bottles with a one-day-use bottle easy to be recharged and recycled again. Life is made from recycled paper…

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  Designed by Jog. Provenance makes high-quality homeware products from recycled, reclaimed and renewable materials. As the packaging has to sell the story of the materials as much as the product, the brand language ‘this is now’ and ‘this was’ is used on the face and reverse of each product’s packaging, to introduce the story of…

Re-used jars

Re-used jars, via La Factoria Plastica. Make your own, or buy here. Thanks Chantal Harb for spotting it

Tea Time Rocks

Dilmah Tea by Manic Design from Singapore      

Ceramic Packaging

      Ceramica Meridiano makes ceramic packaging made of clay; a natural material, abundant and non-polluting. In addition air emissions during its manufacture follow the current legislation. They also have a variety of locking systems available. For exclusive cheese, butter or other tasty products. Ideally this package is being reused – and as opposed to many other 2nd life products…

Afro Coffee

Afro Coffee is inspired by the idea that African coffees and teas should no longer be exported solely as raw materials but should instead be offered as independent high quality branded products. The Afro Coffee is more than just a culinary experience. The design, fabrics and colours of the cafe also celebrate contemporary African culture, far from colonial…

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Løv Organic Tea

French Løv Organic inspired of the scandinavian nature, offers a selection of organic whole-leaf teas in subtle and simply elegant flavours. The cotton muslin tea bags, unbleached and free of staples or glue, allow the tea leaves to unfurl and release all of their aromas. All of the cardboard packing has the FSC label meaning that…


Wonderful! After the first commercial application, the box can be turned on itself and thus be reused, by Sabrina Digregorio studio H-57 via Packaging UQAM

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Olive Oil Jar

From Dan & Deluca “This high-quality oil is obtained exclusively from prestigious Coratina olives, which are classically cold-pressed using granite grindstones and state-of-the-art processing equipment. Part of the Orci collection, it comes in a traditional Puglian jar, made by the expert hands of skilled master ceramists and covered with rainbow stripes”

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Wooden Wine Kitchen

Spanish couple Sergio Carratala and Petz Scholtus who live in Barcelona have made these kitchen cabinets from wooden wine crates and told the world how others can do them too.

Plastic Bottle Sail boat

It took four months to sail a boat made of discarded plastic bottles from San Francisco to Australia. The catamaran was built with 12,500 recycled plastic bottles and a fully recyclable plastic material called Seretex and held together with organic glue made from cashew-nut husks and sugarcane. The bottles were packed into the Plastiki’s pontoons…

Milk Bottle Lamp

Milk bottle lamp from lovely Droog design agency.