Just fruit

Nature Addicts was created in 2009 by Bertrand Jacoberger, a food fanatic, and a nature addict. This package was created based on the concept ‘pure fruit’. The pouch contains a pure blended fruit, and the design was created from the idea that ‘one picture says more than a thousand words’. It had to express immediately what the product is a…

Trending by Jonas Lundin

Jonas Lundin is writing about the new dawn for the stand-up pouch. “About a decade ago, the packaging industry anticipated a new revolution in packaging, even if not new to the world (The patent hails back from the 1960s), the Stand-Up-Pouch packaging solution were popping up in shelves around the globe, not only in the…

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By Olivia Decaris “Pouch is a Malleable Carafe that enables the consumer to fill up their glass by pulling and squeezing the teat, with beverages including water and wine. Inspired by the cow’s udder mechanism and symbolism.‘Pouch’ proposes an innovative way to consume liquids.”

NASA invention for kids

 GoGo Squeez, 100 percent fruit no sugar added in a squeeze pouch. For kids on-the-go. The package was originally designed for NASA astronauts. The value is a non-spillage package, you just squeeze out the content through the in-built straw. The first product they put in the package was what they called “no-mess-applesauce”.