Wheat is wheat is wheat

  Milk by apple. Flour by Prada. Coffee by Cartier. Peddy Mergui, owner of a brand firm, and a senior professor of design at the Holon Institute of Technology, has made an interesting exhibition called Wheat is Wheat is Wheat. “By infusing the packaging of our most basic commodities with values of prestige and luxury, Wheat is Wheat is…

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Sandro Desii Pasta

    Lo Siento, Barcelona based design agency created brand Identity and packaging design for Sandro Desii’s products. “The design focuses on creating an identity system that helps both owner and consumer to locate, catalogue and organize the different products of the firm by their number and color. A family of twenty packs of pasta…

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Paolos – Campione della Cucina

Paolos Campione della Cucina, new product line of pasta and pasta sauces. Designed by talented NINE, based in Stockholm.

Martelli Pasta

La pasta dei Martelli, made in Lari near Pisa, Tuscany. Like a true italian family business; only the members of the family work in the pasta factory. Very nice paper packaging with two metallic rivets sealing it.