Cheese Paper

If you treat your cheese well it will last longer in the fridge. In Italy, where I live, this is how you get your cheese, but I imagine that is not the case everywhere. It’s a nicer presentation and more sustainable way of storing the lovely cheese. See more at Formaticum

Banana World

    Banana – it’s one of the best packages we have – straight from nature. Many designers have taken inspiration from the bananas. You would think a banana is just a banana, but Chiquita has managed very well in their branding work, to stand out from other banana distributors. Just look at these small labels…

Milk Bottle Lamp

Milk bottle lamp from lovely Droog design agency.

Earth Water

Earth Water gives 100% of the net profits to the United Nations World Food Programme to provide clean drinking water to millions of refugees around the world. You can purchase it from Colette  


  Harmonious design. 100% natural Swiss Antioxidant drinks packed in light, slim recyclable cardboard (12.8 g). From Purelosophy. You can purchase them from Colette

Moulded Fiber Jug

A moulded fiber milk jug from Ecologic. It’s made from 100% molded pulp with an inner plastic pouch that is making its commercial debut in the milk aisle. More info on Greener Package.

Wine Label Origami

  Creative wine labels – wine bottles and origami – made by design students from Ècole de Design UQAM. They weere given 1 single sheet of paper, and should from that design a wine label. Printing was not allowed and they were exploring the potential of the paper. Since this was an discovery project, practical stuff such as…

Stereotype Packaging

  Amusing concept from Daizi Zheng. “According to the World Health Organization (WHO), unhealthy diet is amongst one of the leading causes of the major non-communicable diseases. Can design encourage people to rethink their relationship with healthy food to gain a balanced diet? The series of food packaging were created from the observations on personal…

Baggu Bags

    Baggu Bag. A whole bunch of simple and good-looking bags here. The first one is a re-usable bag which has the same design as a standard plastic bag, but holds the content of 2-3 grocery bags. You also have the net bag for veggies, which keeps your green stuff fresh. Last the duck bag…


  From dutch design firm Ooms. A robust carrier rack made of steel. It can hold up to 6 beer, soft drink, or water bottles.

Sustainable Graphic Design

Even the graphic design plays an important role of responsible products. This is a book about Sustainable Graphic Design, which helps designers view graphic design as a holistic process. By exploring eco-conscious materials and production techniques, it shows designers how to create more effective and more sustainable designs. You can order the book here.

Feito a Mao

Dried fruit boxes from Feito a Mao. You can buy it via Colette. Through a perforation you split the box in two, and you will find two different types of dried fruit, sweet+salted.

Water-shaped Bottles

          The water-shaped bottle by Xiaoli Wen. He has created a series of porcelain bottles shaped by a waterfall. He made silicone rubber moulds of discarded plastic and glass bottles, the moulds were filled with plaster and cured while hanging under flowing water. A small number of bottles were selected which people casually…

The GreenCup Mug

Two young Swedish guys – Gustav Nisser Henrik Lindholm –  have created this idea and just got ranked on Shortcut’s annual entrepreneur list “Uppstickarna” – for inspirational people below 36. The GreenCup is the alternative to disposable cups; a reusable mug that gets you discounts while at the same time reducing energy usage, wasted resources and litterin. Here is…

Waste transformed into Art

Stuart Haygarth has collected waste that is being washed up on parts of Kent coastline. With this waste he has produced several objects. This chandelier is one of them and is mainly made of plastic objects. It’s incredible how much waste there is along the world’s coastlines, and amazing how Stuart managed to do something…