Panettone and Pandoro from Milan

We are getting closer to Christmas. And the stores in Italy, and to some extend around the world, are being filled with the symbolic Christmas cakes, Panettone and Pandoro. Panettone is a type of sweet bread loaf originally from Milan. Pandoro (Pan d’oro – golden bread) is similar to Panettone, but contains no fruit. Here is nice classic…

Siete Pasos Wine

It’s always refreshing when someone chooses to create a contemporary look on a wine label, instead of the safe track with a traditional look. “Each wine is identified with a different character. The Pledge” and “The Figure” (Foster and Young respectively DoCa . Rioja)” Designed by  (calcco) Comunicación Visual

Pampas Deli

Proud to present a design case created by myself together with super-talented designers Therese Eklund and Sara Ohlgren. Pampas Deli is a new Swedish brand, which brings Argentinean flavours to Sweden. The first product out is Dulce de Leche, a unique, delightful and indulgent Argentine milk caramel. The recepie which is 182 years old is…

Reyka Vodka from Iceland

  Reyka Vodka “Crafted by hand in small batches in borgarnes, Iceland, filtered through ancient lava rocks and made from the purest icelandic spring water, Reyka captures a clean taste with a crisp, smooth finish”

Blossa 2011

Every year the swedish brand Blossa releases a limited edition mulled wine. This year with a coffee twist, through Arabica beans from El Salvador. The bottle is covered with the coordinates of Finca Las Delicias, the plantation where the beans have been cultivated. The 2011 bottle is designed by Jensen Pamp McCann. The 2003-2010 editions by BVD.

Tesco Virtual Grocery Store

A super cool shopping experience on the go. Tesco Homeplus opened a virtual grocery store in a south korea subway station, where users stop by scanning QR-codes on their smartphones. A large billboard was installed in the station, with images of products from a supermarket. Users scan the code of the products they would like…


          Barbapapa – one of Savor & Sense original culinary creations, lovely!


Wow! Envision Design has done a really good job developing a packaging collection for Knuthenlund. “On 1 July 2007, Knuthenlund estate converted its farming operations to organic production, and in doing so became one of the very biggest organic farms in Denmark. In converting to organics, Knuthenlund embarked on a new chapter in its long history. We have…

Seed Bags

Seed bags for Grönt Kulturarv, by Hanna Tunemar

Greener label

Are you looking for a label, and would like a greener alternative? This label from Distant village is made from natural and renewable fibers such as wild grass and banana. The label face stock is 100% recyclable, the adhesives are 100% RCA (recycle-compatible adhesive), the release liner (the silicone coated paper backing) is from reclaimed…

Inspiration Box

Do you work with packaging design? Are you looking for inspiration? Mintel and SabotagePKG send out this CreaPac four times a year. Each package contains 6 end-user products, 2 packaging processes, 2 packaging materials, 1 magazine. Each box has a new theme.

Blossa 2010

Every year the swedish design firm BVD makes a new edition mulled wine for Blossa. This year – a golden bottle with saffron flavour. “Gold is an iconic color that is consistent with the Christmas festivities but also to taste; saffron with its golden color is the most expensive of all spices. The Roman cross is used…

Brew on the go

Hmm, what’s this? Looks like it would cause a mess for your coffee time. But it’s an interesting idea. Into the cup goes the freshly ground coffee along with any sugar you request. The counter person adds boiling water, gives it a stir and attaches the lid. You are instructed to wait three minutes or…

Universal Packaging System

A flat sheets of recyclable corrugated cardboard. The patterns make it easy to fold and conform to almost any shape while maintaining structural rigidity and protecting the contents. Clever! See more here

Coffee Cup Contest

58 billion paper coffee cups are thrown away, unrecycled, each year. The BetaCup Challenge – is asking designers to invent a mean to dramatically reduce the wastage resulting from unrecyclable paper coffee cups. Here are two of the ideas; Coffee to grow and 100% recyclable Une Coffee Cup. See more of the most promising ideas here