Re-used jars

Re-used jars, via La Factoria Plastica. Make your own, or buy here. Thanks Chantal Harb for spotting it

Scandinavian Coffee House

Scandinavian Coffee House from Norway. “At Scandinavian Coffee House we want to show our love for coffee and share the pleasure of enjoying it together. Coffee plays a central role in our culture as an important ingredient in people`s social life wherever and whenever we meet. Scandinavians have always travelled, so our culinary traditions are influenced by…

Marou Chocolate from Vietnam

Marou Faiseurs de Chocolat, based in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), was founded less than a year ago by two adventurous Frenchmen. Rice Creative got the mission to build the brand’s visual identity and packaging. “Inspired by Marou’s unique story, we sought to develop an identity and packaging system with the right mixture of modernity and tradition. After much…

Amaltea Biodynamic Wine

  The biodynamic Amaltea wine. “Within the practice of biodynamic farming, Loxarel integrates herds of goats in controlling weeds in the vineyard. Amaltea, represented by the goat nymph who nursed the god Zeus, according to Greek mythology associated with fertile land and abundance. The concepts of the goat, the horn (the main element of the…

Reyka Vodka from Iceland

  Reyka Vodka “Crafted by hand in small batches in borgarnes, Iceland, filtered through ancient lava rocks and made from the purest icelandic spring water, Reyka captures a clean taste with a crisp, smooth finish”

Ipswich Beer Packaging

” For our final project in Persuasive Graphics, we had to create a drink company. Me and my group of 4 others (James Utley, Keith Jernigan, Aubrie Barrnett and Zack Gulliani) decided on Ipswich Brewing Co. We got a lot of inspiration from football emblems that are used on jerseys across the pond and vintage…

Nooka Glueless Packaging

“Nooka is continuing its tradition of green packaging with the introduction of the Nooka Glue-less custom box. This paper packaging is truly eco-friendly, requiring minimal material, minimal labor and is biodegradable. The new packaging will be shipping with the Zub 40 line as part of our fall 2011 collection.” Via Lovely Package  

Proof Whisky

Proof Whisky by Zeus Jones “Along the kitchen wall of Zeus Jones, you’ll find more than a few bottles of alcohol. Among the neglected butterscotch schnapps and the bottle of Boone’s Farm we’re patiently letting age, we guarantee there will always be a few bottles of single malt scotch whisky. Our love of the stuff is only natural,…

Wine Bottle Chandelier

Wine bottle chandelier by Chris Weylandt. He designed a tasting rooms at his winery, located outside Cape Town and decided to have a bit of fun with the lighting.  Via Sara Ohlgren.

Rape Seed Oil

Today, rape seed oil is a given food ingredient in Swedish kitchens. Food & Friends designed this package for Åke Ekström, a Swedish rape seed oil brand.

Mood Garden Tea

“Being in the right mood at the right time can make a world of difference. Getting in that right mood can sometimes be as simple as a cup of tea. Mood Garden is a tea company that focuses on providing Fair Trade loose leaf tea in the convenience of tea bags. Each tea blend corresponds with…

Davines Sustainable Strategy

    Davines high end hair and skin care products from Parma, Italy. Through a group of guiding principles they aim to create the most environmentally friendly packaging possible. “Less raw material is possible – so as not to burden on natural resources. For example, by using fewer raw materials, we were able to reduce 33.3% the amount of…

Half for Happiness

  A simple and smart campaign in Brazil. Casa do Zezinho partnered with two supermarket chains. A selection of the supermarkets’ fresh foods was cut in half and repackaged. These were then sold at full price. The idea behind the campaign is that half of the proceeds were given to Caso do Zenziho so that they could distribute it…

Insect Collector Kit

  Designed by Jessie Usié, student at Savannah College of Art and Design. “The idea was to create a line for insect collectors and entomologist enthusiast. Inspired by 19th century typography, she mixed natural products with man-made elements. The line includes 15 pieces essential for beginners or intermediate collectors to get started with”

Fair Trade Soap

Project goal was to generate income for rural women and farmers through the production of a value added product “Design Impact partnered with ODAM, a non-governmental organization that work to address poverty, women’s empowerment, child welfare, climate change, human rights, education, and health issues that affect rural communities. The soap enterprise is operated by women in ODAM’s…