Olivae Olive Oil

Olive oil packaging designed by student Kenny Maicon Barcelos, Brazil. Via Packaging of the World

Zeta Limited Edition

The Swedish brand Zeta celebrates their 40th anniversary this year, and the founder Fernando di Luca with family celebrates this by launching a limited edition tin-can. The retro-inspired package contains 0,5 L oil, and is designed by Identity Works. The illustration on the front is Fernando himself.

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Olive Oil Jar

From Dan & Deluca “This high-quality oil is obtained exclusively from prestigious Coratina olives, which are classically cold-pressed using granite grindstones and state-of-the-art processing equipment. Part of the Orci collection, it comes in a traditional Puglian jar, made by the expert hands of skilled master ceramists and covered with rainbow stripes”

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Oliviers & Co

These beautiful products come from Olivier & Co. Chef Giovanni Ciresa from Italy has created the recipes. He says; “My cooking is full of international influences, however it remains anchored in the Mediterranean tradition; it’s a cuisine that extols the purity of ingredients. Asparagus and cardoons in the spring, squashes, pomegranates, truffles, and chestnuts during the fall…