By Pauline “School assignment to design the packaging for the fictitious brand Lyckan. In co-operation with Eva Wallmark, Michal Sitkiewicz, Björn Avén and Carolina Eggertsson”

NASA invention for kids

 GoGo Squeez, 100 percent fruit no sugar added in a squeeze pouch. For kids on-the-go. The package was originally designed for NASA astronauts. The value is a non-spillage package, you just squeeze out the content through the in-built straw. The first product they put in the package was what they called “no-mess-applesauce”.

Banana Leaves as Packaging Material

´ This wonderful concept is made for Designboom’s competition “Dining in 2015″, by Israeli designer Tal Marco. Not only it´s a renewable resource. Also the banana leaves have good properties for the food industry, it has a waxlike surface which is perfect for wet and greasy stuff. A flexible material so it can be folded…

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