Malko – Less is future

“Less  is  future”  is  the  slogan  with  which  Malko  talks  to  the  world:  the fight  against  waste is  one  of  the  challenges  of  the  third  millennium.  It  must  be  won  by  changing daily habits. Malko  is  an  Italian  product  design  brand  that  was  born  to  inspire  an  eco-­friendly  lifestyle.  Its  mission  is  the  reduction  of  the  disposable…

Design Competition

Sign up to the design contest: Beer Bottles nei luoghi pubblici. An international sustainable design competition to develop creative solutions to the problem of glass drinking bottles left and broken in public meeting areas in Milan and other cities. The winner will be announced 31 January 2009 and exposed at the Milan design week in April 2009.