Banana Leaves as Packaging Material

´ This wonderful concept is made for Designboom’s competition “Dining in 2015″, by Israeli designer Tal Marco. Not only it´s a renewable resource. Also the banana leaves have good properties for the food industry, it has a waxlike surface which is perfect for wet and greasy stuff. A flexible material so it can be folded…

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Compostable Bread Packaging

Compostable Bread Packaging from Village Bakery Found this nice little figure in a paper about drivers for biodegradable/compostable plastics and role of composting in waste management and sustainable agriculture. Reading about this subject, it´s definitely moving forward, but big concerns when plastics and bio-degradable materials not are distinguished enough, so the consumers mix them up – problems for the recycling management.An article from the…

Solar Bottle

Conceptual. A PET bottle disinfecting microbiologically contaminated raw water. The bottle has two faces; one transparent face for maximum UV-A rays collection and one Al face that absorbs the infrared sunrays, heating it and therefore starting the disinfection. Alberto Meda and Francisco Gomez Paz are the designers and apparently they are looking for a producer.