Raw C Coconut water by Saltree

Coconut Water by Australian Raw C. One of Australia’s leading authorities on healthy cooking and lifestyle, Pete Evans, is part-owner of the company. Designed by Saltree. “Raw C first approached Saltree to develop a Path-to-Market Retail Strategy to aquire distribution within major Australian supermarkets. In a highly competitive market, it was agreed that to succeed, we needed to…

Yoga and beer?

Lululemon is creating a craft beer. The yoga pants maker has revealed a new brew called Curiosity Lager. The company collaborated with Stanley Park Brewing to create the limited-release lager. It is the official beer of SeaWheeze, a half-marathon and festival that blends music, running and yoga held in Vancouver in August. The lager features chinook and lemon drop hops. It will be available in B.C. and Alberta…

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Illustrator Frida Wannerberger

Frida Wannerberger, freelance illustrator and graduate of Central Saint Martins, created this very nice one! For Tetra Pak Japan.

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Almond Milk LA

Almond Milk LA – Almond Milk made from Californian almonds. In a traditional glass bottle, and also possible to get delivered to the door step. If you haven’t tried Almond Milk before here are some ways to use it: “Drink it straight with a cookie – it’s creamy and yummy and refreshing when chilled. Use it…

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Pressed Juicery

“Pressed Juicery was born out of the idea that in order to find fulfillment and balance each day, modern people need to be armed with a fresh set of tools that are simple, convenient, and tailored to their hectic schedules. We believe that everyone is entitled to live their best lives, but in order for…

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Swedish Kombucha

Swedish Kombucha is a small microbrewery in Stockholm – which started its business during spring, 2011. “We started drinking Kombucha during our college years in early 2000’s in New York where it is a common and popular health drink. We missed our daily bottled of “Booch” back in Sweden and started brewing our own.” Health…

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Jugen Health Foods

Designed by Anagrama. “Jugen is a brand specializing in health foods and speciality juices that are made from all-natural ingredients. Jugen’s products are created with the purpose to cleanse, heal, and detoxify the body. Their design proposal took inspiration from ancient herbal medicine bottles. Anagrama added modules to provide a look that is clean and modern….

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The Chia Pod

  The Chia Co has released a range of Chia Pods made of sun-ripened chia seeds, coconut milk and real fruit. Available in vanilla bean cinnamon, mango, blueberry and banana flavours. The Chia Pods are dairy- and gluten-free and provide 100% of the omega-3 RDA. The pods are distributed in plastic packaging where the lid, cup…

Tosi Superbites

Packaging design for Tosi Superbites, organic, gluten-free snacks by Tosi Health based in California. Available in both cashew and almond varieties, each bar has just six ingredients, including golden flaxseed, white sesame seeds and chia seeds, and are flavored with sea salt and evaporated cane juice. Via Coolhunting

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Fair Trade Soap

Project goal was to generate income for rural women and farmers through the production of a value added product “Design Impact partnered with ODAM, a non-governmental organization that work to address poverty, women’s empowerment, child welfare, climate change, human rights, education, and health issues that affect rural communities. The soap enterprise is operated by women in ODAM’s…

Tea bag cleans polluted water

A portable, easy-to-use and environmentally-friendly water filter bag that fits into the neck of a bottle – and cleans highly polluted water. “The water is cleaned right then and there when you drink from the bottle,” says the designer behind the filter, Dr Eugene Cloete, from the Stellenbosch University in South Africa. There are also plans…

Banana World

    Banana – it’s one of the best packages we have – straight from nature. Many designers have taken inspiration from the bananas. You would think a banana is just a banana, but Chiquita has managed very well in their branding work, to stand out from other banana distributors. Just look at these small labels…


  Harmonious design. 100% natural Swiss Antioxidant drinks packed in light, slim recyclable cardboard (12.8 g). From Purelosophy. You can purchase them from Colette

Stereotype Packaging

  Amusing concept from Daizi Zheng. “According to the World Health Organization (WHO), unhealthy diet is amongst one of the leading causes of the major non-communicable diseases. Can design encourage people to rethink their relationship with healthy food to gain a balanced diet? The series of food packaging were created from the observations on personal…