The Iris Collection by Hay

The Iris collection, a new series of vases, mugs and penholders in porcelain, designed by Clara von Zweigbergk for Hay. The collection is inspired by folding paper and the super thin porcelain of Anita Japan makes the series extremely strong while still looking fragile. 

Many of the products Clara von Zweigbergk has designed originate from her work with paper. “I have a big love for paper and folding it. I once had a colleague who named me the “paperholic”, he caught me far too often with a freshly shopped roll of paper. So appropriately, the Iris Collection stems from experimenting in folding rounded shapes in various paper weights. One shape led to another and quite soon there was around 20 pieces of paper objects, vases, pen holders and later mugs. The best ones are actually made out of the last sheets of a much-loved Japanese paper, in very unusual (for print) colours, bought in Tokyo.”

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