Green Graphic Design

Graphic Design, how much does it affect the environment? Can we make a difference with it? Here is a book where you find good tips where to start. Green Graphic Design – by Brian Dougherty – re-frames the way designers can think about the work they create, while remaining focused on cost constraints and corporate identity….

Jesse Kirsch Packaging Design

Jesse Kirsch is a graphic designer working in New York City specializing in packaging.

Earth Hour Package

Earth hour is on Saturday 20.30-21.30 CET. WWF is the initiative taker – A worldwide event for environmental awareness by turning off the lights for one hour. Here a dark carton package from Swedish Arla, temporary campaign they are having for the very same reason.


What can you do with graphic design to reduce the environmental impact? That’s what the dutch design firm Spranq asked themselves and came up with this Ecofont. It uses 20% less ink than normal fonts. Free download on their web site.

Coca Cola Aluminium Bottle

Nathalie Rykiel has designed this colorful graphic for Coca Cola’s aluminium bottle. Aluminium or glass bottles, what’s most environmentally friendly? Reading about the subject and you will find many different answers and opinions. Good thing with both materials is that they are 100% recyclable. But they have different impacts in different stages of the life cycle. To simplify it; Aluminium takes…

Saltå Kvarn

Saltå Kvarn’s products are coming from biodynamic and ecologic production from all over the world. From farmers who don’t accept artificial manure and exclude the use of artificial chemicals on soil and plants. The products are without any additives. In 2007 the designer Karin Huber was awarded for the graphic design she created. Saltå went…

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Carton Packaging

Found these nice milk cartons by Hattomonkey through the lovely blog Lovely Packaging

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