Blossa 2016

  A tribute to the Swedish forest. This year Blossa traveled to northern Sweden to find inspiration for the popular annual mulled wine. An often forgotten berry has been rediscovered and got the lead role, crowberry. Blossa 2016 is characterized by classic mulled spices together with fresh acid from crowberry, round sweetness from birch sap and a light smokiness….

Blossa 2011

Every year the swedish brand Blossa releases a limited edition mulled wine. This year with a coffee twist, through Arabica beans from El Salvador. The bottle is covered with the coordinates of Finca Las Delicias, the plantation where the beans have been cultivated. The 2011 bottle is designed by Jensen Pamp McCann. The 2003-2010 editions by BVD.

Blossa 2010

Every year the swedish design firm BVD makes a new edition mulled wine for Blossa. This year – a golden bottle with saffron flavour. “Gold is an iconic color that is consistent with the Christmas festivities but also to taste; saffron with its golden color is the most expensive of all spices. The Roman cross is used…

Blossa 2008

Every year the design firm BVD is designing a new limited edition of the Swedish Christmas drink “Glögg” for Blossa. The shape of the bottle stays the same over the years, while the flavor and graphic elements are changed. It has been a great success, the past two years it has been sold out after…