Luscombe Drinks

    Drinks from Luscombe. Based on a farm in Devon where they have been making the drinks since 1975.

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Cidriya Premium Cider

By Kroll Design. “Packaging design for a premium apple cider product. Cidriya is an exclusive apple micro-brewery, selling directly to only a handful of high-calibre restaurants and bars in Tel Aviv. The design concept is crisp and clear, reflecting the delicacy and precision of the production process, and the purity of the final product. The…

Re-used jars

Re-used jars, via La Factoria Plastica. Make your own, or buy here. Thanks Chantal Harb for spotting it

Cantamanyanes hand painted bottles

Dsigned by Enserio. “Cantamanyanes is a handcrafted wine in the Tivissa lands, made without intermediaries or distributors, from the earth to the table. A limited edition of 600 hand-painted bottles.”

Amaltea Biodynamic Wine

  The biodynamic Amaltea wine. “Within the practice of biodynamic farming, Loxarel integrates herds of goats in controlling weeds in the vineyard. Amaltea, represented by the goat nymph who nursed the god Zeus, according to Greek mythology associated with fertile land and abundance. The concepts of the goat, the horn (the main element of the…

Reyka Vodka from Iceland

  Reyka Vodka “Crafted by hand in small batches in borgarnes, Iceland, filtered through ancient lava rocks and made from the purest icelandic spring water, Reyka captures a clean taste with a crisp, smooth finish”

Proof Whisky

Proof Whisky by Zeus Jones “Along the kitchen wall of Zeus Jones, you’ll find more than a few bottles of alcohol. Among the neglected butterscotch schnapps and the bottle of Boone’s Farm we’re patiently letting age, we guarantee there will always be a few bottles of single malt scotch whisky. Our love of the stuff is only natural,…

Wine Bottle Chandelier

Wine bottle chandelier by Chris Weylandt. He designed a tasting rooms at his winery, located outside Cape Town and decided to have a bit of fun with the lighting.  Via Sara Ohlgren.

Rape Seed Oil

Today, rape seed oil is a given food ingredient in Swedish kitchens. Food & Friends designed this package for Åke Ekström, a Swedish rape seed oil brand.


Corn Beer Package designed by Gabriel Germain. Via Packaging UQAM  

Puma Beer

Brewers & Union Craft Beer Kreechr in limited edition (600 cases) especially for PUMA when they entered the 2011 Volvo Ocean Race. Via Oh Beautiful Beer

Mel De Cal Milio

The design agency Puigdemont Roca has created this honey packaging “There is nothing better for a natural and handcrafted product than work on the base of a direct association between the image of the product and the image of its origin, in this case, the bees”

Jean Claude Beer

More Russia – Tomatdesign designed this limited edition beer with participation of famous French wine-maker Jean Claude. Via The Dieline

Wine Glass Redefined

The Italian design collective Gumdesign question the traditional way of forming/using a wine glass. Handmade by Colle Vilca

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Blossa 2011

Every year the swedish brand Blossa releases a limited edition mulled wine. This year with a coffee twist, through Arabica beans from El Salvador. The bottle is covered with the coordinates of Finca Las Delicias, the plantation where the beans have been cultivated. The 2011 bottle is designed by Jensen Pamp McCann. The 2003-2010 editions by BVD.