Almond Milk LA

Almond Milk LA – Almond Milk made from Californian almonds. In a traditional glass bottle, and also possible to get delivered to the door step. If you haven’t tried Almond Milk before here are some ways to use it: “Drink it straight with a cookie – it’s creamy and yummy and refreshing when chilled. Use it…

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El Tejocote

Designed by Futura. “The client is a family business in Saltillo Coahuila. They harvest the fruits themselves and transform them into traditional candy and preserves. They opened the doors of their business and their own home to us, treating us like family. Due to that we were able to get inspiration directly from their kitchen,…

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Norwegian Ambassadør

“Packaging and identity for Norwegian Ambassadør, a premium vodka for the russian market. The design is based on the geometry of the cross within the norwegian flag. The use of “Ø” in the name is a nod to the norwergian language and thus gives the brand a unique flair. Finalist in ‘Packaging Alcoholic Drinks’ category at…

Gazpacho Andaluz

Gazpacho Andaluz by Come Home is a very nice food concept, with a beautiful retail packaging solution.

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Celebrate with milk

 A bottle of conventional milk served in a festive cava bottle. By Örange BCN

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Migrant Whiskey

Designed by Chad Michael from New York. “In early 2013, I was contacted by the Trautwein Distillery Company to help them develop their new brand “Migrant”. They’re a German based company who wanted to develop a brand concept on their late grandfather, Ken Trautwein, 1930’s immigration passport. The whiskey is made unique by using scottish blends…

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Beijing 8

Brand identity and packaging for a Chinese restaurant, designed by Stockholm based Garbergs Project. Beijing8 is a dumplings & tea restaurant chain for slow fast food with an organic state of mind. The design agency explains the idea as a combination of a simplistic scandinavian and colourful Chinese style. And they have been using clever and cost-efficient  packaging…

Bagas Bravas

Brand development and packaging for Bagas Bravas, a small farming settlement in the mountain region of Bragança (Portugal) mainly centred on the production of honey and walnuts. Designed by David Matos, Germany.

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Non-Stick Coating Keeps Ketchup Flowing

Packaging innovation from MIT, which addresses a major problem in the food and packaging industry. “MIT PhD candidate Dave Smith and his team of mechanical engineers and nano-technologists at the Varanasi Research Group have come up with a solution to a huge problem. LiquiGlide, a “super slippery” coating made up of nontoxic materials that can be applied to all…

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Christmas Honey by Helt

Christmas edition of the Helt honey, to be ordered online, and you can also find it at the wonderful food market Torvehallerne in Copenhagen. “Helt was founded in 2012 by Anthony Lee, a passionate beekeeper and honey lover. Anthony had moved to Denmark four years earlier, after meeting a Danish girl and dropping everything in England to head over the water…

Apotekarnes Christmas Soft Drink

Here is the latest addition to the Apotekarnes family, designed by NINE, a design agency based in Stockholm, Sweden. “Apotekarnes is a brand owned by Carlsberg Sweden. For Christmas 2013 Apotekarnes is launching a limited edition of the traditional Swedish Christmas soft drink, julmust, with a secret taste.” Available in grocery stores in Sweden.

Anonymous Water

Lovely way to encourage the usage of tap water. Designed by Designers Anonymous. “We designed refillable water bottles for use during meetings held in our studio. Our bottles feature a simple silhouette of a boat (in-keeping with our brand styling) the boat was a natural fit for a water bottle. On the still water bottle It’s anchored…

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Petit Juice

  Sweety Branding Studio, a Brazilian-based design studio. “We are extremely passionate about what we do and always want to leave our work with that hint of love that brought us here. These funny collectible juice packaging were developed with all our affection for children, “les petits”. With Tetra Pak packaging that retain more natural juices, all…

Blossa 2013

  Every year the Swedish brand Blossa releases a limited edition mulled wine. This year the flavour of the wine is not presented on the bottle. Instead the consumer shall use his/her own experience to interpret the flavours. You can see typical design elements from the province Dalecarlia in Sweden. Cucurbits pattern, the traditional red falu-colour. With this concept Blossa returns to its…

Geneva Lake Beer

  “Do we need more beer? Well, yeah. Especially if it’s really great beer! That’s what impressed us, Geneva Lake’s attention to detail. Superior ingredients, meticulous brewing conditions yielding unparalleled results. One taste and we knew, this was the real deal. Geneva Lake founded their family brewery in the heart of big beer country. A…