“Initiated by Pernod Ricard, Our/Vodka was born out of a desire to create a vodka we felt was missing. A global vodka with local roots. But we couldn’t do it alone. We teamed up with local people who know their city better than anyone else. Our/Vodka is made by entrepreneurs in cities around the world….

Rape Seed Oil

Today, rape seed oil is a given food ingredient in Swedish kitchens. Food & Friends designed this package for Åke Ekström, a Swedish rape seed oil brand.

Earth Water

Earth Water gives 100% of the net profits to the United Nations World Food Programme to provide clean drinking water to millions of refugees around the world. You can purchase it from Colette  

Tap Water

Tap Water – What I like with this initiative is what it communicates – “People – Use tap water”. Buying one bottle is enough and then you can have it for in home usage. Good looking bottle for the dinner table