Shape-Shifting Pasta

Researchers at the MIT Media Lab’s Tangible Media Group have managed to make shape-shifting pasta, edible origami Why? To package and ship pasta more efficiently for example. But of course they have many examples of culinary potential for this technology. The researchers have created flat sheets of gelatin and starch that, when submerged in water, instantly sprout…

The textures of Gotland

Designed by Identity Works, Sweden. The Swedish island of Gotland is a truly unique place. The light is more present, nature more dramatic and sparse. No wonder half of Stockholm migrate here over the summer!  For generations the Arla dairy in Visby has provided Gotland with milk from local cows and farmers. It was time…

Rescued Fruits

Too much fruit is thrown away today. In cooperation with fruit importers, traders and farmers, Rescued Fruits takes care of the fruit which is wonderfully good to eat but for various reasons can not be sold. It could be a banana that is yellow instead of green, an apple with a bruise or a pear that is too…

Little Farmer

Little Farmer, a range of premium yogurts produced by the dairy company Malý Gazda. Designed by Slovakian design agency Pergamen.

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Insects – the future of food?

“US food start-up Six Foods has developed a brand of crisps called Chirps, which uses beans, rice and cricket flour (made from crushed crickets) in its ingredient mix. The company claims that, compared to a typical bag of potato crisps, Chirps have triple the amount of protein – delivering 7g of protein per portion, the same as…

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Tomorrow Machine

Re-defining packaging for food, by Tomorrow Machine. A Swedish design studio based in Stockholm and Paris, specialized in package, product and food concepts. “We believe in looking at the world from a creative point of view to shape the innovations of tomorrow.” The images above are showing 1. Basmati rice wrapped in a pyramid of soft…

Inglorious Fruits & Vegetables

“Eating 5 fruits and vegetables a day can seem like a difficult task if you aren’t counting fries within that number. Sadly, approximately 300 million tons of food is wasted in a year; including those vegetables you never got around to eating. Intermarché, a chain of French supermarkets decided to do their part by purchasing…

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How to recreate 36 World Cuisines with 3 spices

Via Visually

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El Tejocote

Designed by Futura. “The client is a family business in Saltillo Coahuila. They harvest the fruits themselves and transform them into traditional candy and preserves. They opened the doors of their business and their own home to us, treating us like family. Due to that we were able to get inspiration directly from their kitchen,…

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Trending by Jonas Lundin

Jonas Lundin is writing about the new dawn for the stand-up pouch. “About a decade ago, the packaging industry anticipated a new revolution in packaging, even if not new to the world (The patent hails back from the 1960s), the Stand-Up-Pouch packaging solution were popping up in shelves around the globe, not only in the…

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Gazpacho Andaluz

Gazpacho Andaluz by Come Home is a very nice food concept, with a beautiful retail packaging solution.

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Black and golden olive oil packaging from Oliveology. “This limited edition oil is individually numbered. Only 320 numbered and signed tins are available. Oliveology was created in 2009 as a means of sharing and enjoying the culinary treasures and gastronomic traditions of Greece.  We only work with independent, artisan farmers who produce truly high quality items using traditional…

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Peltolan Cheese – A Slice of Finnish Nature

Peltolan blue cheese, designed by Packlab. “Previously shrink wrapped and labeled with a barcode sticker, Peltolan was a product with no brand identity in need of some help. That was nothing short of an opportunity for us to create something extraordinary from scratch. While this blue cheese had plenty of value within its quality, the…

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The Chia Pod

  The Chia Co has released a range of Chia Pods made of sun-ripened chia seeds, coconut milk and real fruit. Available in vanilla bean cinnamon, mango, blueberry and banana flavours. The Chia Pods are dairy- and gluten-free and provide 100% of the omega-3 RDA. The pods are distributed in plastic packaging where the lid, cup…

Olivae Olive Oil

Olive oil packaging designed by student Kenny Maicon Barcelos, Brazil. Via Packaging of the World