Webinar about Sustainable Packaging

Progress is being made on packaging sustainability, but industry and society rarely turn to designers for this. However, sitting at the front-end of the process, designers have the ability to literally design-in, or design-out sustainability into the solutions they deliver. They also bridge the gap between technology, business, brands and customers/consumers – so designers can…

Sustainable Packaging – Open Innovation

The Packaging Arena and WDO Innovation recently launched a Sustainable Packaging competition ( in Swedish). The competition is already open, and ideas will be screened throughout June. The winning concept will go through a refinement process, and finally be presented to the jury. The companies in the jury are Smurfit Kappa Sverige, BillerudKorsnäs, Stora Enso, DS Smith Packaging Sweden och Nordic Paper. All members of…

Food Design Competition

ONE Off, supported by the Torino Chamber of commerce and in collaboration with the International Food Design Society and the London Metropolitan University publishes its sixth edition of the Food design® competition. Click here

Packaging Design Competition

This is one of the rewarded packages in 2008 Pentawards. Now it’s time to sign up for this year’s edition. Pentawards is a worldwide competition exclusively devoted to packaging design in all its forms. It is open to everybody in all countries who are associated with the creation and marketing of packaging. The winners will receive bronze,…

Gimme 5

Check out this initiative. Gimme 5 is a program to promote recycling of #5 plastics like yogurt cups and other food containers. Products packaged in #5 plastic are sold widely, but #5 is not recycled in many communities. So instead of being sent to landfills it may be transformed into new products.

Design Competition

Sign up to the design contest: Beer Bottles nei luoghi pubblici. An international sustainable design competition to develop creative solutions to the problem of glass drinking bottles left and broken in public meeting areas in Milan and other cities. The winner will be announced 31 January 2009 and exposed at the Milan design week in April 2009.


  Soon, time to kick off 2008’s edition of London design festival, 15-23 September. As a part of this festival, Greengaged is arranging a whole bunch of events, debates, exhibitions, seminars and masterclasses which will bring together all sectors of the design industry to focus on sustainable issues. Thursday 18th September there is a session in…

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Young Package 2008

  The Young Package winners 2008 have been anounced. This Picnic set won first price and is presented with these words: “Intended for outdoor dining of four people, is an example of achieving the maximum effect with minimum means. The simple and practical package – together with printing limited to some basic yet sufficiently explicit graphic symbols – fully…

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