Wheat is wheat is wheat

  Milk by apple. Flour by Prada. Coffee by Cartier. Peddy Mergui, owner of a brand firm, and a senior professor of design at the Holon Institute of Technology, has made an interesting exhibition called Wheat is Wheat is Wheat. “By infusing the packaging of our most basic commodities with values of prestige and luxury, Wheat is Wheat is…

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Happy Eggs – Student Work

The Happy Eggs packaging for organic eggs. Designed by Maja Szczypek, a student based in Warsaw, Poland. The packaging design is supposed to make the customer feel that what they have before them is 100% natural. It promotes the use of organic materials and sustainability in production. Maja explains “The hay drawpiece is cheap and easy in…

Art Deco Eggs

Mission accomplished to stand out in the Egg Shelf. Kronägg, owned by Swedish and Danish Egg Producers, established already in the 1930s. This is just one of a whole collection of Premium Eggs.

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Green Eggs

Swear Words made this design for Green Eggs; “For the Greens, freshness and quality are the most important things, along with environmental sustainability and the happiness and welfare of their hens. Green Eggs are for people who share these values and want to supply the best products to their homes and customers, whilst supporting regional…

Biodynamic Line in Molded Fibre Package

  Jurlique’s biodynamic line. All inserts and boxes they use are made from 100% post-consumer recycled paper. Like this egg carton-ish gift box. Their products are all natural, made from plants and flowers from their South Australian farms.

Egg Packaging

This is one of my favorite packaging – the classic egg carton. Made from paper pulp and has been around for decades, invented in 1911. It´s design has not changed much since then. It was replaced for a while with PET packaging but people preferred the natural look and feel of the paper pulp carton,…