The textures of Gotland

Designed by Identity Works, Sweden. The Swedish island of Gotland is a truly unique place. The light is more present, nature more dramatic and sparse. No wonder half of Stockholm migrate here over the summer!  For generations the Arla dairy in Visby has provided Gotland with milk from local cows and farmers. It was time…

Little Farmer

Little Farmer, a range of premium yogurts produced by the dairy company Malý Gazda. Designed by Slovakian design agency Pergamen.

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Tolånga Smör

Tolånga smör is a micro dairy in southern Sweden. The butter is produced of ecological and unpasteurised cream and flavored with untreated sea salt from Camargue. The packaging is made by the owner Louise Andersson who, when she´s not churning butter, is working as a landscape architect. The butter contains of a few but very good…

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