Ipswich Beer Packaging

” For our final project in Persuasive Graphics, we had to create a drink company. Me and my group of 4 others (James Utley, Keith Jernigan, Aubrie Barrnett and Zack Gulliani) decided on Ipswich Brewing Co. We got a lot of inspiration from football emblems that are used on jerseys across the pond and vintage…


By Olivia Decaris “Pouch is a Malleable Carafe that enables the consumer to fill up their glass by pulling and squeezing the teat, with beverages including water and wine. Inspired by the cow’s udder mechanism and symbolism.‘Pouch’ proposes an innovative way to consume liquids.”

Si Espresso

From Blend it and Israel. For the coffee chain Si Espresso. “Developing a design language for the packaging used by this chain of coffee shops. The concept was based upon the merging of Italian culinary culture with the local Israeli culture. As the basis for the packaging design, we chose to utilize Italian concepts that…

Facet Design and Packaging

Dzmitry Samal has made the faceted tin concept on the first picture. And with this concept I would like to bring you into what I think is a fabulous document. This Facet Design Book is a fantastic source of inspiration. Scroll through it and you will probably end up having a bunch of ideas. Beautiful! On…

Solar Bottle

Conceptual. A PET bottle disinfecting microbiologically contaminated raw water. The bottle has two faces; one transparent face for maximum UV-A rays collection and one Al face that absorbs the infrared sunrays, heating it and therefore starting the disinfection. Alberto Meda and Francisco Gomez Paz are the designers and apparently they are looking for a producer.