Delicate – New Food Culture

Delicate – A lovely book about Food Design. “You are HOW you eat, as much as what you eat. Eating has become more than merely fulfilling a fundamental bodily need. Now, more than ever, it is an expression of our mindset, identity, spirit, culture, and aspirations.” As a Packaging Designer this book is really valuable,…

The Big Book of Packaging

The Big Book of Packaging “In light of the recent lift in environmental consciousness, this volume of the Big Book Series will devote one third of its content to the increasingly important subject of green packaging-showing designers and retailers how to package their products creatively, responsibly, and at low cost, factors that will be reflected…

Designing Sustainable Packaging

A book for dedicated designers. How to design sustainable packaging. Have a look inside the book, and order it here.

Sustainable Graphic Design

Even the graphic design plays an important role of responsible products. This is a book about Sustainable Graphic Design, which helps designers view graphic design as a holistic process. By exploring eco-conscious materials and production techniques, it shows designers how to create more effective and more sustainable designs. You can order the book here.

Strategy for Sustainability

“In Strategy for Sustainability Adam Werbach shows us how sustainability moves beyond compliance-oriented “green” initiatives to become a key strategy for achieving both competitive advantage and meaningful change. By integrating a systems perspective into business practice and priorities, Werbach lays out a compelling new model for building core business strategy” Gene Kahn, VP, Global Sustainability Officer,…

Green Graphic Design

Graphic Design, how much does it affect the environment? Can we make a difference with it? Here is a book where you find good tips where to start. Green Graphic Design – by Brian Dougherty – re-frames the way designers can think about the work they create, while remaining focused on cost constraints and corporate identity….

50 ways to F**k the planet

Today you get advices everywhere how to go green. Authors Mark Townsend and David Glick were tired of all books and web sites telling people how to live, preaching to us. So they decided to do the exact opposite: How NOT to go green, in an ironic way. The message is still the same, you learn in which ways we ARE…

Design is the problem

  “Don’t do things today that make tomorrow worse” – Nathan Shedroff’s book, “Design is the Problem”, presents a practical and straight-forward explanation of sustainable design. He divides it into five parts;  learning how to reduce, reuse, recycle, restore, and process. Further the book explains: How sustainability isn’t as difficult to understand and address as many would have you…

The Lazy Environmentalist

By Kristina de Verdier On 3 November, 2008 In , ,


    How water went on sale and why we bought it. Cultural trends that have made bottled water a $60-billion-a-year phenomenon. The author Elisabet Royte makes a case for protecting public water supplies and for improving our water infrastructure.