By Italian Designer Max Casaroli. “Arabesque evokes elegance and decoration; from the brand to the product packaging, the idea is to represent a delicate and sinuous environment where Arabesque is the main actor playing.”

Seed Bags

Seed bags for Grönt Kulturarv, by Hanna Tunemar

Reusable Sandwich bags

For your on-the-go lunches, sandwich bags and bamboo cutlery. The cutlery is made of resuable, sustainable bamboo. The set is burnished, which means that the bamboo was steamed to make it more durable and create a beautiful caramel color. Handwash your utensils with warm soapy water. Reusable bags for the snacks/sandwich as well as a bag…

Bring Your Own Tea

Recently launched – BYOT (Bring your own tea) from Sanctuary. A convenient portable pouch filled with loose leaf tea and 10 biodegradable steeping bags for all your on-the-go tea drinking needs. “Forget about crushed tea leaves in tea bags, we’re sipping the goodness of whole loose leaf! And when the hustle and bustle of life gets…

Baggu Bags

    Baggu Bag. A whole bunch of simple and good-looking bags here. The first one is a re-usable bag which has the same design as a standard plastic bag, but holds the content of 2-3 grocery bags. You also have the net bag for veggies, which keeps your green stuff fresh. Last the duck bag…

Green Genius

  Biodegradable trash bags from Green Genius, Read more on The Dieline

Seabags – Recycled sails

Seabags – Nice tote bags out of recycled sails…which makes them durable, water resistant and washing machine friendly.

Paper Bags

Stefan Diez is the designer behind this amazing paper folding work. Light-weighted bags.