Amaro 33 to attract young audience

New hip-flask inspired design from Argentina-based YG Design! YG Design is a strategic and creative consultancy specializing in the beverages & luxury goods industries. “Amaro is a grappa-based distillate. This product is the spearhead of a change towards a major updating of the manufacturer which allows an improvement in the distillery profile regarding other traditional-style products….

Beer with gold leaf

Pang Pang brewery is launching a golden beer. The Stockholm based brewery Pang Pang is one of the most experimental beer brands in Sweden, and as Christmas is approaching they are launching a very unique one – brewed with gold leaf. The gold leaves are added in the end of the process and is clearly visible…

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Absolut Craft

Designed by No Picnic in cooperation with The Brand Union. And nominated to the German Design Award 2015. “The original ABSOLUT bottle was inspired by a Swedish apothecary bottle, now one of the most recognizable bottles in the world and the most portrayed in art. Retaining this iconic silhouette, ABSOLUT CRAFT reflects the brand’s heritage…

Sechzisch & Vierzisch

“‘Sechzisch Vierzisch’ takes the classic ‘Persching’ drink from Germany’s Rheinhessen region and turns it into a hip and lovingly crafted mixed wine beverage. To folks in Mainz, the name on the bottle says it all: a blend of sixty (sechzisch) percent rosé wine and forty (vierzisch) percent orange soda produces a peach-hued drink (hence the Rhenish…

Norwegian Ambassadør

“Packaging and identity for Norwegian Ambassadør, a premium vodka for the russian market. The design is based on the geometry of the cross within the norwegian flag. The use of “Ø” in the name is a nod to the norwergian language and thus gives the brand a unique flair. Finalist in ‘Packaging Alcoholic Drinks’ category at…

Migrant Whiskey

Designed by Chad Michael from New York. “In early 2013, I was contacted by the Trautwein Distillery Company to help them develop their new brand “Migrant”. They’re a German based company who wanted to develop a brand concept on their late grandfather, Ken Trautwein, 1930’s immigration passport. The whiskey is made unique by using scottish blends…

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Apotekarnes Christmas Soft Drink

Here is the latest addition to the Apotekarnes family, designed by NINE, a design agency based in Stockholm, Sweden. “Apotekarnes is a brand owned by Carlsberg Sweden. For Christmas 2013 Apotekarnes is launching a limited edition of the traditional Swedish Christmas soft drink, julmust, with a secret taste.” Available in grocery stores in Sweden.

Paper Wine Bottle

Paperboy, a wine bottle made out of compressed recycled paper. “Paperboy is about as green as it’s possible to make a wine bottle. It’s made out of a compressed recycled paper, printed with natural inks and the inside contains a recyclable sleeve like you find in a box of wine.  The bottles are rigid and strong…

Blossa 2013

  Every year the Swedish brand Blossa releases a limited edition mulled wine. This year the flavour of the wine is not presented on the bottle. Instead the consumer shall use his/her own experience to interpret the flavours. You can see typical design elements from the province Dalecarlia in Sweden. Cucurbits pattern, the traditional red falu-colour. With this concept Blossa returns to its…

Etched Wine bottle

Etched bottle packaging design for Darioush Winery.

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Bloody Mary from Stu’s Kitchen

Bloody Mary mix from Stu’s Kitchen. Created by a former bartender Stu Waters, and bloody marys were his specialty. In an interview in Cool Hunting Stu Waters explains “I removed the tomato juice which allowed to avoid preservatives and make it really unique. I wanted to create something that tasted like it came straight from the best bartender—all people have to…


“Initiated by Pernod Ricard, Our/Vodka was born out of a desire to create a vodka we felt was missing. A global vodka with local roots. But we couldn’t do it alone. We teamed up with local people who know their city better than anyone else. Our/Vodka is made by entrepreneurs in cities around the world….

Japanese Packaging

Rewarded in the Pentawards 2008, Suntory´s wine package. An easy-peel label. When searching more on Japanese Packaging I found this interesting report from 2007. MANY different initiatives on eco-friendly packaging, including new technologies. Read more on Research and Markets site.

Wine Packaging

  Tresdon, made of the design firm Icon Packaging. A wine package that transforms from in-store display to carry home packaging to reusable wine rack. In most cases today, wine is shipped in boxes with loads of styrofoam pellets as protection for the bottles. Whereas this package is useful for distribution and also from a consumer’s perspective. I don’t know about the…