To See Clearly: Technology Excess and Selection, by Jonas Lundin

About the never-ending stream of new technology innovations, and the relevance of them. By thinker & doer Jonas Lundin, who amongst many amazing initiatives also is a vital part of the Ambalaj Expert Consulting. Today we live in a time of great promise; hardly a day passes without some new technological innovation being unveiled..  According to some observers, we shall almost…

By kristina On 3 February, 2016

Melbourne Moonshine by Sense

Designed by Sense. “Melbourne Moonshine is a brand new alcohol firm based out of South Melbourne. For its branding, packaging and website, we drew influences from the bootleg history of moonshine itself, as well as the shape of the celestial moon and the copper of the alembic stills used to create this unique liquor. Melbourne Moonshine…

By kristina On 27 January, 2016

Frasier Fir Wood by Wink

Designed by Wink. “A refreshing rebrand of a classic Thymes Fragrance, Frasier Fir. Frasier Fir is the quintessential fragrance that sparks traditions and conjures joyous memories. Our challenge was to evolve and reinvent the Frasier Fir brand by demonstrating that Thymes is a leader in the home fragrance holiday marketplace. Our solution: -Push the branding forward by…

By kristina On 25 January, 2016

Devotion to beer by TSMGO

They’re back with a brand-new project of a craft beer. TSMGO! “Abbeys (Las Abadías) were a stronghold of knowledge during dark times. The Abbots dedicated themselves to brewing with faithful devotion. As a tribute to these labours, the packaging reflects a simple design, evocative and austere, with illustrations which symbolize each of the styles of…

By kristina On 25 January, 2016

Nikka Whisky from Japan

        Nikka Whisky from Japan. “In 1895, Masataka Taketsuru – the father of Japanese Whisky – was born in the small town of Takehara, Japan. At the time, Masataka’s family owned a sake brewery, and in preparing to carry on the family trade, Masataka studied chemistry and biology at Osaka Technical High…

By kristina On 11 January, 2016

Hand molded forms by student Natalia Triantafylli

A very nice student project. “Mane Hair Products” by Natalia Triantafylli. “Designed to give a hand molded feeling instead of the usual symmetric forms. Made with the same materials and techniques of the industry standards, making it affordable and unique at the same time.”

By kristina On 22 December, 2015

Stranger & Stranger Holiday Gift No.17

Designed by Stranger & Stranger. ‘We’ve always had fun with our holiday production – we’ve done everything from absinthe to playing cards – and this year was no exception. Eau de Stranger: pour homme, pour femme, pour room freshener.’

By kristina On 21 December, 2015

The future meatball by Space10

The Ikea Meatball Reimagined in 8 Different Ways, by Space10, Ikea’s independently-run innovation lab in downtown Copenhagen. They set out to explore how we can produce more food with less, and in a more sustainable way then today. Alternative ingredients, technological innovations and uncharted gastronomic territories, that we need to consider to combat our unsustainable appetite for meat and…

By kristina On 14 December, 2015 In , , ,


Designed by Identity Works. VAIN STHLM. A Swedish brand, created by two brothers obsessed by great sound. They spent a year tuning their in-ear headphones. Resulting in a sound that moves music lovers and audiophiles to tears. Big sound made small. Challenge There are headphones that sound good, but look clumsy and too technical. And there are…

By kristina On 14 December, 2015

Kickstarter campaign for cricket snack bar

Grub will this month launch a Kickstarter campaign as it seeks to help part-fund the launch of its new snack bar, made using cricket flour. The brand, which already uses crickets in a number of its snack products including roasted crickets and cricket nut fudge, has developed a recipe and design for the bar but now needs…

By kristina On 15 November, 2015