Tyme Reusable Jars


Tyme reusable jar packaging design 2Tyme reusable jar packaging design 1

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“Fast doesn’t mean wasteful. Our packaging is stripped down, yet durable. Designed to bring you a better experience with less material.”

Tyme. Started by The Fat Radish’s Phil Winser and former Burger King executive Felipe Hallot, they wanted to create a fast food experience where healthy eating and sustainability were front and center on the menu. They use reusable jars and the fork that’s included with the meal is biodegradable and it goes straight to the compost bin with your leftover food. You could go home and use the jar for future leftovers, but you can also take the jar back to Tyme for a dollar off of your next meal. Via The Dieline.

By Kristina de Verdier On 25 September, 2017 Leave a comment