Cosmetics concept created by Funky Business

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Branding agency Funky Business® created new brand line concept of premium cosmetics. “Microme Cosmetics are innovative solution in the field of molecular makeup. Natural ingredients and the latest scientific developments allowed to create safe and effective solution for rejuvenating and skin protection. Product line consists of three well-developed positions helping to get a full range of skin care products. Skin Protect — protection, Skin Care — Care, Skin Control — constant care. The main objective was to reflect company’s innovative approach to their products, natural ingredients, but not to make it in trivial way. We decided to look deeper and explore the basic ingredients of cosmetics under the microscope because its molecular properties give such effect. On the molecular level each object forms incredible patterns, so these patterns make up basis of packaging ideas. As a result, the decision was to use a tactile pattern formed by main ingredient of the product. High-quality paper and special printing technology made it possible not only to see but also feel the contents of the box.” Via Packaging of the World.

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