Carlsberg new bio-based beer bottle



As earlier reported here on Ambalaj, Carlsberg are developing the world’s first fully bio-degradable and bio-based beer bottle. The new bottles will be made from a bio-based green fibre material, made from wood fibres, developed in participation with EcoXpac. The bottles are thicker but lighter than plastic alternatives. They can be manufactured into any design and size, and the trees that will be used are to be replanted at the same rate that they are harvested.

“The bottle has been created with input from some of the leading packaging specialists in the world, who are very excited to participate in the project. Though we still have technical challenges to overcome, we’re on track on the project,” says Håkon Langen, Packaging Innovation Director.

The company have stepped up by creating the ‘Carlsberg Circular Community’ to rethink design, production and packaging for the brand. Carlsberg’s Sustainability Director, Simon Hoffmeyer Boas says that “To Carlsberg, sustainability or CSR is business, it’s not something that’s detached.”

Source: Bio Based World News