3D-printed Algae packaging


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Designed by Martina Green. “One third of all plastic produced is used for packaging. Plastic has great packaging qualities, but there is an imbalance between the lifetime of products (hundreds of years) and the actual time of utilization (a few minutes). Plastic packaging generates large amounts of waste that never really disappear. The plastic
 will break into smaller and smaller pieces and cause problem in different ecosystems. Martina is a product designer focused on biodegradable materials. She graduated in Design MA 2014, at the university of Gothenburg. This July she presented 3D-printed algae packaging made from local kelp mixed with biodegradable polymer. The idea is to use algae as an alternative to non degradable plastic packaging. Algae has been used by mankind in ancient cultures, and today it’s harvested on a commercial scale, mostly in Asia. As a packaging material algae has many good qualities; it grows fast, breaks down quick and naturally, does not occupy land space and it is facilitating the growth of marine ecosystem. Martina’s Algae packaging can be used for different applications and the time of degradation can be adapted to required lifespan.”